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Windows Phone

We have expanded the area of our activity in the IT market with the offer of application development for devices that run under the Windows Phone operating system.

Windows Phone 8 gives new possibilities to develop applications that are very user-friendly, are always available at your fingertips and can be both highly interactive and appealing. This is exactly how application development for Windows Phone works.


Latest apps


Lockmix is a lock screen content provider application that offers a great variety of widgets to be pinned to your lock screen in a way similar to the start screen tiles. It turns your lock screen into a grid where you can pin multiple tiles, which are then updated regularly to display various information. Each widget can be independently moved around, resized or configured just like the tiles pinned to your start screen.


For the company ŠKODA Auto and in collaboration with the studio Inmite, we have developed a mobile application ŠKODA Meet. The application allows you and up to nine of your friends find the closest way together. You can watch your position and the approach of your friends on a detailed map, so you know exactly where everyone is and when the others will arrive. The application can also be used to store your parking location so that you could locate your car later, or to display a list of events, news, and offers of ŠKODA Auto.


Are you planning a holiday in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic and looking for the perfect campsite? Or are you already in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic and looking for the nearest accommodation in your area? We can help you with the application Camp.cz. You can find campsites in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, including their exact location, opening dates, type of accommodation, and category. Using this application, you can have all this information with you at all times.

Bouřky / Thunderstorms

Are you about to go outside and do you want to know if it will be raining? Do you see dark clouds on the horizon and wonder if a thunderstorm is coming? Do you like to watch lightning? Then you will surely find the application Bouřky useful. It allows for a quick and easy access to the latest radar images of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, namely the precipitation radar and the lightning detector.

Owl Reader

Owl Reader is a feature-rich client and offline reader for Pocket (Read It Later). It allows you to connect to your Pocket account, browse the list of articles you have stored there, and read the articles in a comfortable mobile view directly on your phone. It also allows management of stored articles – adding new links, deleting old ones, or marking articles as read or favorite.

Kouzelné úterý / Magic Tuesday

Magic Tuesday is an application for T-Mobile customers who use the company’s Magic Tuesday benefit program. Do you want to visit a cinema, dinopark, or have a beer? If it is Tuesday, simply open the application, choose a benefit and the application will help you send the corresponding text message in the correct form. Disclaimer – this is an unofficial application and it is in no way endorsed by T-Mobile.


Do you use a company car or are you simply curious about your fuel consumption? BizCars will help you keep track of business trips and individual refuellings. Even if you do not use a company car, you can still use this application to keep track of your private car’s consumption and keep your fuel expenses under control.

Quick It

Quick It provides quick access to favourite contacts and web links without any advertisement. You may also find our integrated system of text message templates very useful – you don’t have to write the same text messages repeatedly. The user interface is designed for effective navigation. Dialling, text messaging, or email sending are all available in one or two taps.

More possibilities

Windows Phone 8 gives new possibilities to develop applications that are very user-friendly, are always available at your fingertips and can be both highly interactive and appealing. This is exactly how application development for Windows Phone works.

With the advent of devices that run under the Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, development for this platform is gaining importance and popularity. XPIS provides professional application development for all Windows Phone devices. We have a team of professional programmers specifically aimed at mobile applications. The final products are highly appealing and fully functional. Our developers use the latest development tools for this platform, taking advantage of their skills and extensive knowledge of programming for the Windows platform in general (such as the use of ASP. NET for the backend), and thus achieve an optimal solution for our domestic and foreign customers.

Our Windows Phone application development services

Our team of experts has developed a variety of Windows Phone solutions based on specific business needs and using the latest technologies. Depending on the specific business requirements, we are able to prepare the best software solution for Windows Phone.

We provide the following services:

  • Windows Phone consulting and strategies
  • Development of Windows Phone applications based on customer specification
  • Support and maintenance of Windows Phone applications

Why choose XPIS

  • Experienced and certified Windows Phone developers
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • High-quality product
  • On-time delivery
  • Regular project reporting
  • After sales support and maintenance
  • Safe and accurate coding

Our team of developers creates innovative and appealing Windows Phone applications that have many excellent properties, including a unique user interface, integration with Facebook account, use of geolocation, and much more.

Contact us and you can get only the best for your Windows Phone.


Our development team has achieved the Microsoft Partner Network Gold competency in Collaboration & Content.
We have achieved Microsoft Awards 2015 Finalist award for project "Personal site of Czech Customs employee on Sharepoint platform".
We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the Microsoft’s Silver Competency in Collaboration and Content, which demonstrates knowledge and expertise in Microsoft’s SharePoint technology.
New application Lockmix which enables to pin widgets to the lockscreen of WP8 devices.