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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform developed to provide environment for web and mobile applications and other services hosted in Microsoft’s datacenters. Microsoft Azure provides wide spectrum of functions for creating variety of applications – from simple web presentation to corporate sites.

Microsoft Azure system provides on demand computing power and data storage to host, provide scalability and maintain web applications on Internet through Microsoft’s datacenters.


XPIS is focused on development of new and migrating of existing applications to Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Our goal is to provide customers with more choices when deciding on the location of applications and offer experience in field of deploying to cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure. We will be pleased to demonstrate our solutions to inspire you, how to use cloud to run applications and to save money not only on operation and application management.


  • Elimination of initial and ongoing investments in hardware
  • Reduction of operating costs for software and human resources
  • No need to deal with the management of hardware
  • Scalability of IT resources, a simple increase in computer power as needed
  • Payment model dependent only on active sources (you pay only what you use)
  • Availability
  • Backup

Completed projects


We have been working with Inmite to produce mobile application ŠKODA Meet using Microsoft Azure server side part, which represents the business architecture and data layer. With this solution it is possible to use a single and clearly defined approach for heterogeneous platforms (iOS, Android, WP7). Thanks to the scalability of Windows Azure we can manage resources based on monitoring of the solution and respond to the increased application use. Emphasis was placed on optimizing time needed to process each request. Microsoft Azure Storage in combination with AppFabric Cache was used to store necessary data.

HelpDesk XPERA Projects

We provide option of deploying our HelpDesk web application to Microsoft Azure so you can profit from benefits of cloud computing. This solution enables rapid deployment without need for customer to invest into hardware, web hosting or licenses.


Our development team has achieved the Microsoft Partner Network Gold competency in Collaboration & Content.
We have achieved Microsoft Awards 2015 Finalist award for project "Personal site of Czech Customs employee on Sharepoint platform".
We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the Microsoft’s Silver Competency in Collaboration and Content, which demonstrates knowledge and expertise in Microsoft’s SharePoint technology.
New application Lockmix which enables to pin widgets to the lockscreen of WP8 devices.